Minnesota Form M14 - Individual Estimated Tax Instructions

IMPORTANT: Type in the required information while this form is on the screen and print a copy. A personalized scan line will be printed on the voucher using the information you entered. To help ensure your payment is properly credited to your account, verify that the tax-year end date and your Social Security number are included in the scan line.

When you print this voucher, be sure to set the Page Scaling to “None” in your Print options. DO NOT check the “Autorotate and center pages” or “Shrink to fit” boxes. If they are already checked, click on the box to uncheck them.

Pay electronically (free)

For both methods, follow the prompts for an individual to make an estimated tax payment.

You’ll need your Social Security number and banking information. When paying electronically, you must use an account that is not associated with any foreign banks.

After you authorize the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation number. You can cancel a payment up to one business day before the scheduled payment date, if needed.

Schedule future payments online. If you pay electronically over the Internet, you can set up all four payments at the same time. Enter the future payment dates and amounts.

You will receive a confirmation at the time you set up the payments. Keep the confirmation for your records. You will be able to cancel or change any payments up to one day prior to the transaction date by using the confirmation number and the date of the transaction.

Pay by credit card (fees apply)

  • Go to officialpayments.com, or
  • Call 1-800-272-9829.

For both methods, enter 3300 when asked for the jurisdication number.

You will be charged a fee to use this service, which goes directly to Official Payments Corporation (a national company that provides credit card payment services). The department does not have any financial agreement with Official Payments and does not receive any of its fees.

Pay by check

If you are not paying electronically, you must complete the voucher (below) and send it with your check. All information is required to correctly process your payment.

When you pay by check, your check authorizes us to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account, and you will not receive your canceled check.