New York Form IT-1099-R - Summary of Federal Form 1099 Statements Instructions

General instructions

Who must file this form - All filers of New York State income tax returns who received 1099-R statements that show New York State, New York City, or Yonkers withholding, must complete Form IT-1099-R.

How to complete Form IT-1099-R - Complete one 1099-R Record section for each federal Form 1099-R you (and if filing jointly, your spouse), or an estate or trust received that shows New York State, New York City, or Yonkers withholding. Enter only the information requested on Form IT-1099-R. Complete additional Form(s) IT-1099-R if necessary.

Each box on the 1099-R Record section corresponds to a numbered box on federal Form 1099-R. Enter the amount, code, or description provided on federal Form 1099-R in the corresponding numbered boxes on the Form IT-1099-R, 1099-R Record.

Do not detach or separate the 1099-R Records. File Form IT-1099-R as an entire page. Attach this form (IT-1099-R) to your New York State income tax return, Form IT-150, IT-201, IT-203, or IT-205. Attach additional Forms IT-1099-R if applicable. Do not attach your federal 1099-R forms; keep them for your records.

Specific instructions

Enter the taxpayer's name and identification number, and if married, the spouse's name and social security number.

For each 1099-R Record, mark an X in the applicable box to indicate if the 1099-R is for you, your spouse, or an estate or trust. In Box a and Box b, enter the payer's name and address and the payer's federal identification number as they appear on the corresponding federal Form 1099-R.

Mark an X in the Total distribution box of the 1099-R Record if the corresponding box on federal Form 1099-R is marked.

Corrected (1099-R) - If the 1099-R Record is for a federal corrected Form 1099-R, mark an X in the Corrected (1099-R) box.