Wisconsin Rent Certificate Instructions

A rent certificate is used to verify the rent paid to occupy a Wisconsin “homestead” in 2010. A homestead could be a room, apartment, mobile or manufactured home, house, farm, or nursing home room.

Instructions for Renter (Claimant)

Complete lines 1, 3, and 4. Then give the rent certificate to your landlord to complete lines 6 to 13 and sign. A separate rent certificate must be completed for each homestead you rented in 2010 if used in computing your homestead credit.

NOTE: If your landlord will not sign your rent certificate, check the box on line 5. Complete lines 2 and 6 to 13, and attach a copy of each canceled check or money order receipt you have to verify your rent. If you do not have verification of your rent paid, the homestead credit will not be allowed.

After you receive the completed rent certificate from your landlord, complete line 2 and then fill in the allowable amounts from lines 10b and 13a on lines 13, 14a, and 14c of Schedule H (lines 8, 9a, and 9c of Schedule H-EZ), as appropriate. Note: If line 11d is 2 or more, see “Renter Instructions for Shared Living Expenses Schedule” in the next column.

Attach all rent certificates to one Schedule H or H-EZ. If you claim less than 12 months of rent and/or property taxes, also attach a note explaining where you lived for the balance of 2010.

Instructions for Landlord /Authorized Representative

Fill in a separate rent certificate for each renter (claimant) requesting one for homestead credit. Fill in line 1 if it is not already completed. Fill in lines 6 to 13, sign, and give the completed rent certificate to the renter. Note: You may not charge a fee for filling in a rent certificate.

Line 9b If you checked “No” on line 9a, do not complete the rent certificate unless you are a sec. 66.1201 municipal housing authority that makes payments in lieu of property taxes. If this applies to you, check the box on line 9b.

Line 11a Fill in the rent you actually collected per month for this rental unit (apartment, room, one-half of a duplex, etc.) for 2010, for the time this renter occupied it in 2010. Include in the monthly rate any separate amounts the renter paid to you for items such as a garage, parking space, utilities, appliances, or furnishings. Do not include rent for a prior year or amounts you received directly from a governmental agency through a subsidy, voucher, grant, etc., for the unit (except amounts an agency paid as a claimant's representative payee). If the monthly rent for this unit changed in 2010, use the extra columns to fill in each monthly rate separately.

Line 11b Fill in the number of months (or partial months) you rented the unit to this renter in 2010. If you filled in more than one amount on line 11a, fill in the number of months or partial months each rate applied. For partial months, fill in the number of days rather than a fraction or a decimal.

Line 11c Fill in the total rent collected for this unit for the period of time the unit was occupied by this renter in 2010 (generally, multiply line 11a by 11b).

Example: You rented this unit for $300 per month for 7 months and $325 per month for 5 months. Fill in lines 11a - 11c as follows:

Line 11d Fill in the total number of occupants in this rental unit during the rental period. Note: Do not count the renter's spouse or children under age 18 as of December 31, 2010.

Line 11e Fill in this renter's share of the total 2010 rent paid. Do not include rent paid for other renters, or amounts you received directly from a governmental agency (except amounts an agency paid as a claimant's representative payee).

Line 12 Fill in this renter's share of the value of food, medical, and other personal services, including laundry, transportation, counseling, grooming, recreational, and therapeutic services, you provided for this rental unit. Do not include utilities, furnishings, or appliances. If you did not provide any of the items, fill in 0.

Signature Review the rent certificate to be sure that line 1 and each of the lines 6 to 13b (and 13c, if applicable) has an entry. Sign (by hand), date, and return the rent certificate to the renter. Signature stamps, photocopied signatures, etc., are not acceptable.

Renter Instructions for Shared Living Expenses Schedule

Complete this schedule if line 11d shows more than one occupant and each occupant did not pay an equal share of the rent. You may claim only the portion of rent that reflects the percentage of shared living expenses you paid.