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eSmart Tax’s Top Five Reasons To Go to Tax School



Did doing your taxes on your own pique your curiosity?  Perhaps you’ve been doing your own taxes for years and this year, you even helped a friend.  If you’re looking to learn more about taxes, you may be a great candidate for Tax School!  Here’s  eSmart Tax’s top five reasons to join:

  1. Numbers, numbers, numbers. You love them!  Now make them work for you!
  2. Learn at your own pace?  Liberty Tax Service has online courses to teach you the basics.
  3. Learn from the best.  We have over 4,000 offices across the nation.  Our knowledgeable tax preparers are right in your neighborhood.  Join a traditional course and meet the tax preparers that serve your community.  Network with locals who share the same interest that you do!
  4. See what that dancing Liberty Tax Service waver is all about. You might even learn a new dance move or two.
  5. Tax School is FUN! 


Posted To: The Daily Deduction By: Lauryn on 5/22/2013 01:30:00 AM
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