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DOMA Ruling – Tax Tips and Benefits For All Couples

eSmart Tax would like to congratulate all the couples across the nation on your new filing status!

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By: lescobar on 7/3/2013 11:05:00 AM

The Tax Benefits of Being Married - The Case About Taxes

At the root of the case that brought down house DOMA is a case about taxes: When Thea Spyer died in 2009, she left her partner, Edith Windsor, her estate and assets. That tax year, Windsor was held liable for $363,000 in federal estate taxes—a liability that heterosexual married couples are exempt from since provisions in the Internal Revenue Code allow spouses to inherit unlimited amounts of assets from their deceased spouses. The debate sparked issues about what the federal government recognizes as a legitimate marriage.

Posted To: The Daily Deduction
By: Lauryn on 7/6/2013 01:25:00 AM

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