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‘Tis the Season for Credit Card Data Breaches - Staples Announces Investigation

Another large retailer launched an investigation of a possible breach of customers’ payment card data. On Tuesday, Staples announced that the retailer contacted law enforcement to launch a data breach investigation after a security report tied instances of fraud to Staples stores in the northeast. The announcement comes, ironically, as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month draws to a close.

Posted To: The Daily Deduction
By: Lauryn on 10/23/2014 01:11:17 PM

A Changing Landscape for Bargain Retail Shoppers

Last week, bargain retail favorites Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, T.J. Maxx, and Goodwill made headlines with big announcements that rattled the discount shopping world. With Q4 Holiday shopping season right around the corner, how will these announcements effect money-savers, discount retail shoppers, and consumers looking for great deals?  The Daily Deduction takes a deeper dive.

Posted To: The Daily Deduction
By: Lauryn on 8/1/2014 02:40:00 AM

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