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Self-Employment Tax Infographic

View eSmart Tax's easy-to-use guide for small business owners, freelancers, and self-employed individuals.

Posted To: The Daily Deduction
By: Lauryn on 4/9/2014 10:11:31 AM

Recordkeeping for Small Business Owners

Well, here it is the middle of March and you haven’t done your taxes yet, right?  And, you’re a small business owner, too, right?  Well, where do we start? Raymond D. Nations knows exactly where.

Posted To: The Greenhornet Blog
By: The Greenhornet Blog on 3/18/2014 02:55:00 AM

Tax Moves for Small Business Owners

As a business owner, this is the time you realize that bookkeeping records, business transaction receipts and other important paperwork indicate that they have to pay more than you expected. To help you and your business come out on top, take some time to analyze these tax deductions and incentives.

Posted To: The Daily Deduction
By: Lauryn on 3/5/2014 06:20:00 AM

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