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Raymond D. Nations, EA, has been preparing taxes for over 30 years and is widely known as a brilliant tax resource throughout the Liberty Tax Service offices in Virginia.  Ray’s written work about tax planning has been published throughout newspapers the Hampton Roads area. 

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Rental Property – Tax Benefits and Pitfalls

It’s late.  You can’t sleep.  So, you turn on the TV thinking you’ll watch some re-runs of MASH, or DRAGNET, right?  While channel surfing, you see some guy talking about how YOU, yeah, YOU!! Can make some big money( or dough, or moulah, or $$$$) in real estate without using any of your own money!   “Well,” you say to yourself, “now you’re talking!”  So, you reach for a cold beverage (adult or otherwise), some chips to munch on, and you get all nice and comfy because you are going to be driving a brand new Cadillac, and living in a new house with a swimming pool before the night is over!   At least, that’s what that guru on TV is telling you, right?

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By: The Greenhornet Blog on 3/20/2013 11:15:27 AM

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