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Raymond D. Nations, EA, has been preparing taxes for over 30 years and is widely known as a brilliant tax resource throughout the Liberty Tax Service offices in Virginia.  Ray’s written work about tax planning has been published throughout newspapers the Hampton Roads area. 

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End-Of-Year Tax Moves to Save You Money

Due to the Affordable Care Act, there are some 20 new taxes that may affect you. Therefore, if you are a high-earner (over $200K if single or head of household or qualifying widow, $250K if married filing jointly, and $125K if married filing separately), you may owe additional Medicare taxes on your 2013 income.  The additional taxes would be .9% on your wages and self-employment income that exceeds the above limits. 

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By: The Greenhornet Blog on 12/23/2013 03:05:00 PM

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