Your Tax Return Is Safe With Us

eSmart Tax online tax prep was designed to simplify your tax filing process.

IRS Tested and Approved.

eSmart Tax is an IRS-approved online tax filing service, with a safe, fast, easy, and affordable, software system. eSmart Tax is backed by the professional integrity of Liberty Tax Service and its network of tax preparers and more than 4,400 offices across the U.S. and Canada that has prepared almost 16 million tax returns. For 16 years, Liberty Tax has remained a trusted leader in the tax preparation industry and is the fastest growing international tax company. In fact, we prepare millions of tax returns each year and continue to guarantee the biggest refund to our customers. With our tax professionals, you can rest assured your tax return is in good hands.

Just fill in the blanks.

Think of eSmart Tax as, of course, the "smarter" version of the IRS's eFile. Our online tax filing service is made up of easy "yes" and "no"-style questions that guide you through the process quickly.

Got questions? We've got answers.

Some of those free tax file guys out there are nowhere to be found when it comes to questions, but not eSmart Tax. With our extensive FAQ section, you'll never be without help when you need it most. You can also visit a Liberty Tax Service office near you if you have any questions about your taxes and would like to speak with one of our certified tax preparers.

Just click "print." Or "save."

Keeping a copy of your tax returns is a recommended practice – eSmart Tax offers you digital or hardcopy options depending on your personal filing style. Print your completed income tax return anytime up until October 15, 2014, or save your completed return as a digital file. Simply "right click" to save the document on your computer and keep it as a part of your electronic records.

Yep, it's a do-over.

If your eFiled return is rejected by the IRS/state for any reason - for example, your PIN, AGI, last name, SSN, or birthday don't match the IRS's/state's database - you can correct, revise, and resubmit your return for free!

We are good at math.

eSmart Tax guarantees the accuracy of your income tax return. If for some reason our application makes a miscalculation, we will pay for the IRS penalties and/or interest, accrued up to the time you're notified of the error by the IRS. eSmart Tax is not responsible for tax law changes by Congress during tax season or for calculation changes made manually by the user/taxpayer.

Paperless eFiling With Self-Select PIN

The IRS has eliminated Form 8453-OL, the signature-based form you may have used in the past if you chose not to electronically sign your return. Now, you must authenticate your identity by either: a) entering your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from last year's return as well as a 5-digit self-select PIN; or, b) entering your prior year's PIN. The IRS will check your PIN and/or AGI against its database, and if it matches, your eFile will be submitted paperless. If your PIN or AGI doesn't match up, then the eFile is rejected. In this case, you'll need to correct and resubmit, which you can do for free with eSmart Tax.

Import Last Year’s eSmart Tax Data.

Are you a returning eSmart user? You can seamlessly import your tax data from previous year's e-filings. Save time and sync the data from last year by using our Import tool.

Need Extra Time? We can do that too.

Use eSmart Tax to file Form 4868, which grants you an automatic time extension to file your return. Filing Form 4868 gives you a new deadline of October 15, 2014. If you owe taxes, you're still required to pay it by April 15, 2014 to avoid penalties and interest.