Tax Season is here….Get Organized Quickly!

eSmart Tax is here to help you get started.

Tax Season is Here...Get Organized Quickly!
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Get Organized!
eSmart Tax wants you to be organized for tax season. Refer to our lists below for paperwork to gather, deductions to consider and expenses to itemize.
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Step-by-step help for those with standard returns.
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For home owners, those with dependents, investments and/or retirement income.
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Paperwork to gather:

  • Last year's tax return
  • Social security numbers for you, your spouse, dependents and child care providers (if applicable)
  • All income information
    • W-2 forms (from employers, gambling winnings, etc.)
    • 1099 forms (retirement, interest, dividend income, etc.)
    • Any alimony received
    • Any self employment income records
  • Any 1098 forms (mortgage, educational institution statements, etc.)
  • IRA info
  • Savings & Investments info


Download and Print Get Organized Guide (PDF)

Deductions to consider:

  • Moving Costs
  • State and local income taxes or sales tax
  • Real estate and personal property taxes
  • Home mortgage and investment interests
  • Home mortgage points
  • Casualty and theft losses from your home (not covered by insurance)
  • Business use of car (used only for business purposes): Save receipts for gas purchases.
  • Business use of home
  • Business travel expenses
  • Business entertainment expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Educational expenses
  • Miscellaneous expenses:
    • Deductions subject to the 2 % limit: reimbursed employee expenses, tax preparation fees and other expenses
    • Appraisal fees for a casualty loss or charitable contribution
    • Clerical help and office rent in caring for investments
    • Depreciation on home computers used for investments
    • Excess deductions (including administrative expenses) allowed a beneficiary on termination of an estate or trust
    • Fees to collect interest and dividends
    • Hobby expenses, but generally not more than the amount of income from the hobby
    • Indirect miscellaneous deductions of pass-through entities
    • Investment fees and expenses
    • Legal fees related to producing or collecting taxable income or getting tax advice
    • Loss on traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs, when all amounts have been distributed to you
    • Loss on deposits in an insolvent or bankrupt financial institution
    • Repayments of income
    • Repayments of Social Security benefits
    • Safe deposit box rental
    • Service charges on dividend reinvestment plans
    • Tax advice fees
    • Trustee's fees for your IRA, if separately billed and paid
    • Deductions subject to the 2 % limit: reimbursed employee expenses, tax preparation fees and other expenses
    • Credit or debit card convenience fees paid: If you pay your income tax (including estimated tax payments) by credit or debit card, you can deduct the convenience fee charged by the card processor.
  • Job hunting expenses
  • Charity Donations: You can deduct charitable donations only if you itemize your deductions. Add up the money you donated to organizations like the Red Cross, churches, synagogues, mosques and other nonprofit organizations. If you donated things like clothing, furniture or other household items, you need to determine their value. One way is to find out what your local thrift shop is charging for similar items. Make sure you use good judgment and that you don't overvalue your donations.