Missouri State Income Tax Return Forms, efile, and Government Information

Download Missouri Tax Forms and Instructions

Access, download, and save income tax forms for Missouri. Click on the form name for additional details and access to prior year forms.

Form name Description Instructions Form
Missouri Form MO-1040 Individual Income Tax Return (Long Form)
Missouri Form MO-1040ES Estimated Taxes Declaration for Individuals
Missouri Form MO-1040V Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher
Missouri Form MO-A Individual Income Tax Adjustments
Missouri Form MO-CR Credit for Income Taxes Paid to Other States or Political Subdivision
Missouri Form MO-CRP Certification Of Rent Paid For 2013
Missouri Form MO-FPT Food Pantry Tax Credit
Missouri Form MO-PTS Property Tax Credit
Missouri Form MO-TC Miscellaneous Income Tax Credits
Missouri Form MO-8453 Individual Income Tax Declaration For Electronic Filing

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