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Access, download, and save income tax forms for New York. Click on the form name for additional details and access to prior year forms.

Form name Description



New York Form IT-2  Summary of Federal form W-2 Statements    
New York Form IT-112-R  New York State Resident Credit    
New York Form IT-201  Resident Income Tax Return (Long Form) html instructions pdf instructions   form download  
New York Form IT-201-ATT  Itemized Deduction, and Other Taxes and Tax Credits html instructions   form download  
New York Form IT-201-V  Payment Voucher for E-Filed Income Tax Returns    
New York Form IT-209  Claim for Noncustodial Parent Earned Income Credit    
New York Form IT-212  Investment Credit    
New York Form IT-213  Claim for Empire State Child Credit    
New York Form IT-213-ATT  Child Information for Empire State Child Credit -  
New York Form IT-214  Claim for Real Property Tax Credit for Homeowners and Renters    
New York Form IT-215  Claim for Earned Income Credit    
New York Form IT-216  Claim for Child and Dependent Care Credit    
New York Form IT-219  Credit for City of New York Unincorporated Business Tax    
New York Form IT-220  Minimum Income Tax    
New York Form IT-221  Disability Income Exclusion    
 New York form IT-240 Claim for Home Heating System Credit - -
New York Form IT-249  Claim for Long-Term Care Insurance Credit    
New York Form IT-256  Claim for Special Additional Mortgage Recording Tax Credit    
New York Form IT-272  Claim for College Tuition Credit For New York State Residents    
New York Form IT-398  New York State Depreciation Schedule for IRC Section 168(k) Property    
New York Form IT-1099-R  Summary of Federal Form 1099 Statements    
New York Form IT-1099-UI  Summary of Unemployment Compensation Payments    
New York Form IT-2105.9  Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by Individuals and Fiduciaries    
New York Form IT-2105-MN  Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher    
New York Form Y-203  City of Yonkers Nonresident Earnings Tax Return    

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