eSmart Tax - Affiliate Program

For credit unions, churches and other non profit organizations, eSmart Tax is offering an affiliate fund-raising or savings opportunity

eSmart Tax will partner with your organization to provide either fund-raising opportunities or membership benefits.

Working with eSmart Tax, your organization may offer either:

  • A terrific value of a low-priced high quality e-file service to your members, with the added benefit that your organization will earn a percentage of gross sales.
  • Savings to your group as a membership benefit, or
  • A combination of the two above -- Split the savings and the profit between your organization and the members.

Let’s Get Started!

Contact eSmart Tax by e-mail at  You may prefer to fax in the request on your company letterhead, so please state that in your e-mail.  We will reply and issue a coupon code to your organization to pass along to your members.