Oklahoma State Income Tax Return Forms, efile, and Government Information

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Access, download, and save income tax forms for Oklahoma. Click on the form name for additional details and access to prior year forms.

Form name
Oklahoma Form 507  Statement of Person Claiming an Income Tax Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer    
Oklahoma Form 511  Individual Resident Income Tax Return    
Oklahoma Form 511EF  Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing    
Oklahoma Form 511TX  Oklahoma Credit for Tax Paid to Another State    
Oklahoma Form 511-V  Oklahoma Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher    
Oklahoma Form 538-H  Oklahoma Claim for Credit or Refund of Property Tax    
Oklahoma Form 538-S  Oklahoma Claim for Credit or Refund of Sales Tax    
Oklahoma Form 561  Oklahoma Capital Gain Deduction    
Oklahoma Form OW-8-P  Underpayment of Estimated Tax    
Oklahoma Schedule 511-A  Oklahoma Subtractions    
Oklahoma Schedule 511-B  Oklahoma Additions    
Oklahoma Schedule 511-C  Oklahoma Adjustments    
Oklahoma Schedule 511-D  Deductions and Exemptions Computation Worksheet    
Oklahoma Schedule 511-E  Child Care Credit Computation Worksheet    
Oklahoma Schedule 511-F  Earned Income Credit Computation Worksheet    
Oklahoma Schedule 511-G  Donations from Refund    

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