Everyone’s talking about eSmart Tax!

A few nice words from our customers.

We love hearing success stories from eSmart Tax customers who found out how easy online tax filing can be, and we couldn't resist sharing a few! 

eSmart Tax is Easy to Use and Very Affordable! 

"I just had a horrible 3 weeks using an online tax preparer at a very well known tax company that shall remain nameless. I finally gave up with them and stumbled across your site. Not only have you saved me alot of money versus using the preparer, but you have made the process of filing my taxes online an absolute breeze. Thank you so much for your wonderful service."

"I really liked that the computer forms matched the paper forms so I knew that I was filling in the right information and was able to give all the information to be calculated."

"Thanks for providing a wonderful' quick' inexpensive and easy way to finally file taxes!"

"There were several tax places I could have used. I did check most of them out before choosing eSmart. I found that your software was the easiest to do. The form that looks like the w2 was a great help. Will use it next year too."

"For a first time user it seemed pretty simple to complete and understand."

"I found that it's the same set-up and standards that my tax preparer was using and it was no where near the same price. That was very important since I wasn't getting a return. The price that it cost to take it somewhere else wasn't even worth my time' when I can easily do it myself."

eSmart Tax Offers Great Options! 

"It was a quick and easy process for importing my tax information into the online forms. It was also convenient that I was given the option on having my return direct deposited and also to have the payment option."

eSmart Tax Has the Resources I Need! 

"Most efile tax services are secure, speedy and have 24/7 access. Although these are important, here are the reasons I used your company: availability of e-file to my state tax commission, Mississippi tax law updates of which even I was unaware, price and ease."

"Very helpful, excellent service."

Love the Speed and Convenience 

"I was thrilled that I could do my taxes online. I will never do it any other way again!"

"I did enjoy my experience in doing my taxes on-line especially for my first time doing them. I will do the same for this upcoming year also."

"Great way to file taxes.  Thank you."

Note: Customer names and contact information have been removed to protect the privacy of eSmart users.