Information About Federal Income Tax Refunds

I’m looking for my tax refund! Where’s my money?

Where is the IRS Tax Refund Schedule? (back to top)

Learn more by visiting eSmart Tax’s IRS Tax Refund Schedule page.

Will the IRS Delay for the beginning of efile delay my refund? (back to top)

The IRS announced that it will begin the filing season on January 31. The IRS does not anticipate any delays in refund processing once efile opens. Current IRS refund guidelines state that it can take up to 21 days before your refund is processed and sent to your bank. If you have already finished your federal income tax return, or you complete your return any time before January 31, you can expect your refund shortly after February 21.

What do the different return stages mean in eSmart Tax? How does it affect my refund?(back to top)  

Your tax return must be accepted by the IRS before your refund will be processed. If you efiled your return, acceptance can take up to 72 hours. If you mailed in a paper copy of your return, it can take 3-4 weeks.

To check on the status of your e-filed return, please .

  • If your return status is "Submitted", it is still processing with the IRS. Please allow 72 hours for your return status to update.
  • If your return status is "Rejected", please make any necessary corrections and then resubmit your return. You must then wait for your return to be "Accepted" (up to 72 hours) before you can get information about your refund.
  • If your return status is "Accepted", you can check on the status of your refund here:

Description: Where's My Refund?  

What if I entered some incorrect information on my return? Will that cause a delay? (back to top)  

Incorrect and missing information will require a review by the IRS and will likely cause a delay in processing. This will cause a delay in your refund. Please take the time to ensure information like filing status, address, and bank account information is entered correctly before you file your tax return. If you enter an invalid bank routing or account number, the IRS will most likely have to mail you a paper check, which will also delay when you receive your refund. If you happen to enter the wrong account number, you will need to contact your bank.

Note:If you had your fees taken out of your refund, and you think you entered incorrect bank account info, pleaseand contact Support using the link within the Help Center.  

Why is my refund lower than I expected? (back to top)  

The amount of the tax refund you receive from the IRS may be lower than the amount calculated by eSmart Tax for a number of reasons. The Department of Treasury may offset (adjust) your federal and/or state refunds in order to seize unpaid debts. Your federal refund may have been offset due to:

  1. Federal income tax owed
  2. Past-due child support
  3. Past-due, legally enforceable debt owed to a federal agency
  4. Past-due, legally enforceable state income tax debt
  5. Future federal income tax liability

If your federal refund has been offset, you will be contacted by the Department of Treasury with a detailed explanation. You can also find information through the IRS's Where's my Refund tool. To protect your confidentiality, eSmart Tax does not receive any information from the IRS on why your refund was offset.

I had my eSmart Tax fees deducted from my refund. How does this process work and how long does it take? (back to top)  

If you had your fees deducted from your refund, you elected to purchase an Electronic Refund Deposit (ERD.) Once your return is accepted by the IRS, they will send your refund to account with JTH Financial established on your behalf. JTH will then take out eSmart Tax's fees and their own fees and then direct deposit the remainder of your refund to your bank account. It can take the IRS between 1.5-3 weeks to send your refund to JTHF and then direct deposits from JTHF can take 1-4 business days to reach your personal bank account. If you have questions concerning your tax-related bank product from JTH Financial, Inc., please contact customer support by and accessing the Help Center.