It’s officially crunch time.  The deadline is less than 48 hours away. We’re here to help anyone that’s struggling to finish his or her returns.  As an eSmart Tax blog fan, you get exclusive access to the commonly asked questions that can help ease the stress of Tax Day.

How do I file an extension?

Currently, filing an extension electronically is not available through eSmart Tax, but you can drop by your local Liberty Tax Service Office to file an extension. As a second option, it’s incredibly easy to file Form 4868 and mail it to the IRS.

I did my taxes last night and I owe a lot of money. I can’t pay. Should I wait and file when I have the money?

This was addressed in yesterday’s blog article about efiling.  The bottom line is that is will end up costing you much more money if you wait to file when you have the money.  There are alternatives available, like paying what you can now and filing an extension or setting up an installment plan with the IRS.  Please see yesterday’s article, With the Deadline So Close, Look to eFile for more.

I found a mistake on my return, but my return is in the “submitted” status. Can I edit it?

eFiling a return is like successfully completing a legal serve in volleyball. Once you take a swing and serve the ball over the net, you can’t have the ball back until the other team returns it. You must wait for your return to be rejected by the tax agency in order to edit it.  If the return is accepted with the mistake on it, you will need to visit your local Liberty Tax Service office to file an Amendment.

My return is in the “submitted” status.  The deadline is tomorrow. What do I do?

A submitted status in eSmart Tax means your return has been sent off to your tax agency. The return is time stamped so when the tax agency begins processing, they can acknowledge that it has been received on time.