The Big Game is this Sunday! Which team are you pulling for, Broncos or Panthers? Or maybe you just enjoy this day for the delicious food, great company, and of course, the new commercials. If you’re hosting the Big Game party at your house this year, we’ve got the four essential ingredients you need to have the greatest Sunday ever. If you’re going to a friend’s house for the game, pass along these tips to the host/hostess to ensure everyone has an epic evening.


Tasty Dishes

Food is the most important aspect of the party, besides the game of course. Try making the party a potluck and have everyone bring a dish. That way you won’t have to prepare all of the food yourself and you can save some money. With these easy and delicious game day recipes, your football party food will be unforgettable.


Ice Cold Beverages

Beer is essential to game day festivities, but if you want to spice it up a bit, try making an easy cocktail.

  • Here are 14 game day cocktails that will have you wanting a second round. Our favorites are the Pirate’s Float and the Alamo Splash!
  • If you’re having kids at the party, buy some juice boxes, cover them in brown cardstock, and draw lines with whiteout to make a cool football covering.


Festive Atmosphere

Football decorations will get everyone in the game day mood and help liven up the party. Check out the Dollar Store or Walmart to get some craft supplies for cheap.

  • Make a football field party table. You’ll need some green felt, white duct tape, white vinyl or ribbon, and some cut-out numbers – it’s that simple!
  • A DIY Lombardi trophy is a great centerpiece, and you can make it for just a few bucks.
  • A game day paper chain is a super easy and cute decoration. Click here to print the cut-outs for free!


Fun Games

Help everyone put their game face on by playing these football favorites. They won’t distract you from watching the actual game, but they will keep everyone entertained!


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