Virginia Beach, VA -  (February 12, 2013) – eSmart Tax is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction for every taxpayer and is offering an abundance of expert on-screen help tools throughout its online tax preparation system.  For 2013, eSmart Tax offers the following support tools: 

  • A Product Wizard for choosing which product is right for every tax situation
  • A dedicated help center
  • How-to video tutorials
  • Free chat
  • Assistance through Facebook and Twitter
  • CPA Audit Assistance

"We want to make sure online filers feel a personal connection to our Customer Support Team and know that help is just a click away.” comments Paul Walters, eSmart Tax’s Marketing Director.  “We offer a wide variety of help and customer support options to ensure that all customers get their questions answered quickly and efficiently while using eSmart Tax." 


The eSmart Tax Product Wizard tool relates real life situations to taxes so customers can identify just which product meets their needs.


The dedicated help center inside of the platform offers guidance for each topic in every page of the interview.  Each help article provides up-to-date help from the 2013 Tax Guide, a comprehensive tool containing information on tax policy.


New for 2013 are eSmart Tax’s how-to help videos that make filing with eSmart Tax even easier.  The site and eSmart Tax’s YouTube channel feature guided walkthroughs for important topics like creating a new account, contacting support, and more.


For 2013, eSmart Tax is giving taxpayers the ability to speak instantly with a member of their customer support team for free.  Registration is not required for access to the free chat feature, so users can contact support with preliminary questions even before they get started with the tax system.

Reach out to eSmart Tax’s Social Media team through Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest tax news, IRS hot topics, and get answers to questions about eSmart Tax.

In the event of an audit, any eSmart Tax user whose Federal and/or State tax return was filed and accepted through the eSmart Tax website can take advantage the company’s s CPA Audit Assistance Program.

Customers can use the Customer Support link on their individual accounts and an audit specialist will explain what to expect during audit, discuss the notice(s) from IRS, and recommend a way for you prepare for the audit.


Overall, filing online is easy through  eSmart Tax offers a variety of tools to help users complete the online tax filing process easily, efficiently, and affordably.


About JTH Holding, Inc. 

Founded in 1997 by CEO John T. Hewitt, JTH Holding, Inc. is the parent company of Liberty Tax Service.  As the fastest-growing tax preparation franchise ever, Liberty Tax Service has prepared over 10 million individual income tax returns.  Liberty also offers an online tax service, eSmart Tax, which enables customers to do their own taxes wherever there’s a computer.  eSmart Tax is backed by the tax professionals at Liberty Tax Service and its nationwide network of over 30,000 tax preparers, ready to offer their assistance at any time. For a more in-depth look at Liberty Tax Service, visit