This tax season has seen some abnormal characteristics this year. There was a lot of confusion surrounding the tax legislation, which threw in some extra kinks in delays at the beginning of the season.To ease the pain associated with this filing process, Liberty Tax Service offers both online tax preparation to simplify the return process for people that wish to do their taxes on their own and the services of a Professional Tax Preparer. While eSmart Tax makes it easy to prepare taxes online, there are a few key things it can’t replace when it comes to traditional tax preparation with a professional:

1. Dedicated Knowledge: Licensed tax preparers are required to complete a certain number of hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) ensuring that their knowledge remains current. Additionally, CPA’s are trained accountants meaning they can shed light on a number of different financial situations in addition to your taxes.

2. Professionalism: Given the barriers to entry as well as the up-keep required by state law, clients of licensed tax preparers can expect a level of professionalism, commitment to trade and a dynamic sensibility.

3. Personalization:Our online software may greet you by name, but your trusted tax preparer knows your football team! Your personal tax preparer can understand your tax situation over time and help you make informed decisions about your finances.

4. Convenience: Handing off your preparation duties to a professional is easy. After you pass your information to a tax expert you can focus on your life.

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