Tax day is here and is the last day to file your tax return without an extension or possible penalty.


The day has come, and some taxpayers still have not filed. Whether you have a difficult tax situation, are waiting on documents, or just too busy – today is Tax Day, the last day to file your taxes. The good news is you have options if you haven’t filed:


  1. You can start for free, and file your return today with eSmart Tax. We have solutions that fit most tax situations, and it’s easy and free to start.
  2. You can file an extension today and file your return by October 15th. Again, it’s easy to do with eSmart Tax.
  3. Not do anything, and if you owe, pay the penalties. If you don’t owe, there are no penalties, but why wait? File your return or an extension to be safe. But remember: a tax extension doesn’t mean an extension on paying the IRS if you owe.
  4. After you've filed, enjoy the Tax Day freebies and sales, as you kick back and relax.


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