Recent critical legislation changes have created obstacles that directly impact the daily lives of many American families. First, the fiscal cliff debate pushed back tax return processing and caused delays in the release of key tax forms. As a result, many taxpayers—especially students and families waiting for key credits—are feeling confused about taxes. The added financial pressure of delayed refunds and sequester cuts continues to push families to the edge of their budgets. As far as finances and taxes go, these are confusing times.

Fortunately, for many taxpayers that have been waiting for the storm to settle, relief is near. eSmart Tax is leading the way in accurate online tax preparation to ensure that taxpayers have a safe and secure place to file their federal and state taxes online.

All of the delayed tax forms that the IRS listed in their January 28 announcement—including Form 8863 for Education Credits—are now available for hassle-free filing through eSmart Tax. The forms in eSmart Tax are up-to-date and have been approved for filing by the IRS. With the tax filing deadline so close and all of the forms ready, there’s no reason to put off filing your return any longer.

If you have not yet filed because you are concerned about one of the delayed forms—or you started your return already, but have not yet submitted it because your return contains a form on the above list—file your return securely with eSmart Tax. Options for contacting Customer Support are available if you are stuck or have questions.