Earn money when you share eSmart Tax with your friends. Here’s how:

We have a simple way to make extra money and be a true friend. As an eSmart customer and community member, we’re extending a special program to you. Tell your friends about eSmart Tax, and when they successfully file, you get paid. And as a community member, when your friends file we’ll give them 50% off their fees!

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Simply do your taxes with eSmart Tax.
  2. Once you’ve reached the confirmation page after filing, choose the way you refer eSmart Tax to any person you want, either by e-mail, your preferred social network, or a personalized url(PURL) that you can copy and paste anywhere on the web.
  3. When someone you refer successfully files a tax return, you get $10 per person who submits their return. The person you tell gets 50% off the cost of their preparation fees. It’s a win, win!


There’s no limit or cap on the amount you can make. Every time a person you refer files using eSmart Tax you get paid. The earning potential is limitless!