The IRS recently announced that e-file won't officially open until January 30, 2013. While the tax season is opening later, eSmart Tax is making the stress-load for taxpayers easier by accepting returns early. eSmart Tax encourages everyone to prepare and file their tax returns online through their easy and convenience browser-based tax software, complete their returns early, and be worry-free for the rest of the year. eSmart Tax will package the returns and deliver them to the IRS as soon as they open. Taxpayers that finish now will be among the first to have their returns processed and their refunds issued.


File with eSmart Tax and get these great benefits:

The IRS MUST process taxpayer returns before refunds can be issued. The IRS does not anticipate any delays in refund processing once e-file opens on January 30. Underneath current IRS guidelines—if you have already finished your federal income tax return—or you complete your return anytime before January 30—you can expect your refund anytime after February 20.

eSmart Tax is looking forward to your feedback and they are constantly striving to understand what users value in their online tax preparation software experience. Please reach out to eSmart Tax! Chat with our Customer Support for free, even before you start with eSmart Tax!