Save money on Halloween expenses with these smart tips:

  1. Make your costume from things around the house. 
  2. Look for coupons and make no purchases online without coupon codes. 
  3. Get all the neighborhood kids together and host a craft party to make Halloween decorations for your community! Get all your paint, glue, stickers, markers, and crayons from the dollar store. 
  4. Hand out the candy accumulated from class parties, fall festivals, scout parties, and trips to the Grandparents' houses. Lett your kids keep a small percentage of the candy, but hand the rest out to the kids in the neighborhood. Cutting back on what you spend in candy can save you tons on your Halloween expenses.

If your crafty Halloween savings still isn't enough to satisfy the trick-or-treater in you, get what you need at your local dollar store. Decorations, door hangers, Halloween hats, and brand-name candy are available for cheap. If you wait long enough, the Halloween candy may even be discounted before Halloween arrives!