There’s no better way to celebrate the work that you do than by making your paycheck work for you.  Make a few money-smart moves and adopt a few money-smart attitudes to achieve your financial goals.

Define your biggest savings goal – To achieve your financial goals, you have to know what they are.  Ask yourself what your ultimate goal in working and earning money is. For most people, their goal in working is to retire!

Pay off bad debt first – Credit cards may offer fancy rewards points, but they don’t offer you cash. Pay down high balances on your credit cards so you can put more of that money toward investments that give you returns.

Take the no-take-out challenge – Most individuals and families can save nearly $100 by choosing to make and enjoy meals at home rather than going out to a restaurant or fast food place. Can you and your family make it a month without getting take out? That’s 90 meals!