After you’ve crunched the numbers and discovered your spending cushion for summer entertainment, you have even more decisions to make on exactly what to do. Take a look at these money-saving suggestions for cutting back expenses even more so you can keep your wallet full and still have fun:

Do a movie marathon on the couch – On a mild summer night, open up all the windows, grab the family and get comfortable in your living room.Use an internet streaming service or a one-day rental machine to choose a movie that everyone will enjoy. Pop a bowl of popcorn and hit up the local dollar store for candy and movie concessions. You can save nearly $10 per person by keeping your movie nights indoors.

Visit your local state parks for a day outdoors – Pack a picnic and bring a frisbee, fishing pole, camping equipment, or road bike. You could even explore your community park creatively by designing a scavenger hunt and/or letterbox outing for the kids.

Don’t forget about local events – Summer festivals, craft fairs, farmers’ markets, and local concerts are great, low-cost, and sometimes free entertainment!

“Eating out” doesn't have to mean getting take out. – Fire up the grill on a warm, clear summer night and throw a picnic or barbecue for your friends and family. You could supply a week’s worth of picnics for the cost of a date night at restaurant downtown.

If you must go out, do it sparingly and get a good deal while doing it – Check out Group Deal sites for deep discounts to local places, concerts, events, and more. Sign up for local entertainment e-mail communities.Sometimes, you’ll find free beer/wine tastings or the certain days that kids eat free at restaurants.

Skip the frozen treat freezer! – Make your own popsicles and frozen treats at home. Stop by your local discount store to pick up craft sticks, toothpicks, and ice trays. Then, use the drink mix in your closet to make flavorful popsicles for the kids. Stock up on yogurt, pop a craft stick in, and freeze it overnight for a smooth frozen yogurt dessert.

Want a date night with you and your significant other, but don’t know what to do with the kids? Start a neighborhood or friend circle childcare swap – Avoid the cost of a babysitter by swapping children with another couple. Offer to watch their kids while they go out and they can watch yours while you go out.