Small tasks around the house can reduce your cumulative air conditioning costs.  Here’s a few tips to help you keep cool, save on the total energy output of your household, and save on your air conditioning bill.

  1. Change the air filter in your’re a/c unit regularly.
  2. Have a professional inspect your’re a/c unit to make sure everything is proper working order.
  3. Check your air ducts and inspect for leaks. Have your airducts cleaned regularly.
  4. Close the vents in all unoccupied rooms.  If you have central heating/air, close the vents in rooms that you do not use every day.  That way, you A/C doesn’t have to work as hard to pump cool air throughout the house.
  5. Use CFL bulbs in light fixtures – These bulbs generate less heat than normal incandescent bulbs.
  6. Trade your oven for the outdoor grill! Minimizing the use of heating appliances like ovens, dryers, crockpots, or toaster ovens will keep your house cool and will trim the total energy output of your household. Plus, the food will taste great!
  7. Close the curtains and blinds during the hottest parts of the day to reduce the heat that enters through doors and windows.  The less heat that enters your house, the less heat gets trapped, and the less your’re a/c unit has to work.
  8. Insulate ductwork in attics, crawlspaces, garages and other unconditioned spaces.  Replace any old or worn insulation to maximize its capabilities.
  9. Install a programmable thermostat that allows you to set the temperatures for different times of day!