15 Totally Bizarre U.S. TaxesHuffington Post

E-file opening kickoff from HuffPo Money. January 30 marks the official start of the 2013 tax season. And what better way to celebrate tax season than to honor our nation's complex and utterly bizarre tax code?

Florida No. 4 in wireless taxesOrlando Business Journal

Florida’s combined federal, state and local taxes on wireless bills were the fourth highest in the nation, according to a Jan. 30 report by the Tax Foundation.

Cut your exposure to Medicare taxesFortune via CNN Money

With a new debt ceiling showdown in front of us, the debate in Washington over how to curb costs for Medicare and Social Security is front and center. One of the most contentious issues is an approach called means testing -- boosting costs and cutting benefits for more affluent seniors.

U.S. Is Preparing More Tax-Evasion CasesThe Wall Street Journal

The U.S. is expanding its crackdown of offshore tax evasion, preparing numerous criminal cases against suspected offenders. Laura Saunders reports on Markets Hub.

10 States Placing Tax Burdens On The PoorHuffington Post

State and local governments on average tax the bottom 20 percent of households by income at double the overall tax rate of the top 1 percent, according to a new report from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. That's largely because they tend to rely heavily on sales taxes, which burden the poor more than the rich.