11 Changes You Must Know Before Filing Your Tax Return for 2012Taxgirl on Forbes

With so many changes looming for 2013, it’s easy to forget that there were some significant tweaks to the Tax Code for 2012. Here’s a list of eleven changes to keep in mind before you file your 2012 tax return, due April 15, 2013

Budget battle is as much about taxes as spendingNBC Politics

The battle over the Budget Control Act -- and the cuts contained in it known as the sequester -- is as much about tax increases as it is about spending.

That fact might have gotten lost in recent days amid press conferences and photo ops from President Barack Obama, his Cabinet officers, and Democratic members of Congress warning of meat inspectors being furloughed, trucks being slowed by long delays in Customs inspections at U.S. ports of entry, and the canceled deployment of an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf.

Liberty Tax Service Answers Your Tax Filing Questions – WFMY News 2

Experts from Liberty Tax Service answer your tax filing questions.

Nation shifts rightward on taxes and other issues even as GOP loses presidential races - StarTribune

Republican angst over presidential election losses obscures the fact that many conservative ideals have prospered for decades. Conservative efforts have pushed the government rightward on taxes, spending and other policies, despite losses on some social fronts. One might say Republicans keep losing battles but winning wars.

What to do if you owe taxes, but can’t payCBSNews via MoneyWatch

So you've prepared your tax return and found that you owe. What should you do if you can't pay? One thing you should do no matter what is to file your tax return on time. But if you don't make any arrangements to pay what you owe, the IRS is legally required to take steps to collect what you owe