Philadelphia Battle Over Property Tax Assessments Raises Questions About Funding Public Schools – Taxgirl via Forbes

On March 7, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, students, parents, labor allies and community leaders will rally at the School District of Philadelphia to protest planned cuts to teacher contracts in the City. The proposal includes pay cuts of up to 13%, longer work days and no limits on class sizes. Additionally, under the plan, the district won’t have to provide teachers with copy machines, desks or even “a sufficient number of instructional materials and textbooks.”

Obama administration tells feds to make sure the sequester hurts as much as advertised – Doug Powers via Michelle Malkin  

A shorter way to phrase the message being sent to federal agencies is “whatever you do, don’t make liars out of us”

Taxes From A To Z (2013): D Is For Disaster ReliefTaxgirl via Forbes

America Does Tax Wealth, Just Not Very IntelligentlyMoneybox via Slate Blog

Wealth is distributed much less equally than income, since if a poor person earns an extra dollar she's very likely to go spend it on some immediate need (kids need new shoes, toaster broke last month and needs replacing) whereas a rich person will save it. Those savings then generate additional income, which adds to the wealth pile. In light of these facts, Ezra Klein suggests we consider a wealth tax.

Taxes a Cure-All for High Frequency Trading?Fox Business

Fueled by momentum in Europe, some U.S. lawmakers are looking to introduce a tax on stock transactions in an effort to discourage computerized trading that tends to increase volatility in the markets.