To Cut Taxes, Tribune Is to Split Into Broadcasting and Publishing Units – The New York Times

While the Tribune’s decision is for tax reasons, its decision to divide itself into separate broadcast and publishing companies also makes a big statement about the future of print media.

Gas Taxation Without Representation – U.S. News

Effective in July, eight states increased their gasoline tax rates. 11 others are said to be considering similar action, according to Transportation for America, a Washington D.C.-based public advocacy group.

Foreigners Get Break on U.S. Casino Taxes – The Wall Street Journal

A U.S. federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the Internal Revenue Service can’t tax foreigners on each bet they make in U.S. casinos.

Damon Dash Hit With $2.8 Million Tax Lien – The Inquisitr

Jay-Z’s former business partner has been hit with a $2.8 Million tax lien.

Lauryn Hill Begins Jail Stay Over Tax Evasion – The Inquisitr

R&B singer Lauryn Hill is now in jail serving out her three-month prison sentence for tax evasion.