Maps of Corporate Tax Avoidance – GizmodoEvading taxes is an incredibly complex operation and Gizmodo has a map that can visualize it.

What Obamacare means for your taxes – MarketWatch

President Obama delayed the implementation of part of the Health Care Act last week. Employers with over 50 employees can now wait until 2015 to provide health care coverage for their employees. This announcement was dissected ad nauseum on all the Sunday morning news programs. As some tax professionals have wondered how to advise their clients on this issue as well as other murky aspects of the new law, here’s help.

Looking to save on Back-to-School Essentials? Don't Miss Your State's Tax Holiday – The Daily Deduction – eSmart Tax Blog

Tax-Free weekends are coming for select states. Find out if yours is offering this money-saving opportunity for supplies, clothes, computers, books, or other back-to-school essentials.

Detroit owes $1.2 million in taxes on 36th District Court building - Detroit Free Press

The city’s building authority is more than $1.2 million behind on property taxes on the building that houses 36th District Court, Wayne County Chief Deputy Treasurer David Szymanski told the Free Press on Tuesday.

Maryland cell phone taxes ranked 12th highest in U.S. – Baltimore Post Examiner

Maryland taxpayers paid higher rates on cell phone taxes than 38 states did in 2012