IRS: Identity theft prosectuions double in 2013 - CNBC

The Internal Revenue Service says there has been a big jump in thieves stealing Social Security numbers to fraudulently claim tax refunds.

Ambitions Tax Reform Unlikely This Year, Breaks Face Expiration - Forbes

Due to gridlock and the government shutdown, they weren’t able to present the bill, so they punted tax reform to 2014.

Report: Rodman Owes More Than $450K in Back Taxes – Breitbart

TMZ reports casts an eye toward why Dennis Rodman may be in North Korea: Rodman owes $278,543 in unpaid income tax California, $165,818 to the federal government, and $8,666.99 to Michigan for a total of $453,027.99.

Obama unveils first 5 ‘Promise Zones’ – Fox News Politics

President Obama is identifying five communities that will benefit from a program of tax incentives and government grants, a year after he unveiled the plan in his 2013 State of the Union address.

The GOP Won't Raise Your Taxes, Unless You're A Woman And You Want An Abortion – Huffington Post Politics

The House of Representatives held a hearing Thursday morning on a Republican-sponsored bill that would effectively raise taxes on women and small businesses who buy private health insurance plans that cover abortion.

The Year Ahead: Tax Reform – No; Tax Extenders – Yes - Forbes

Tax reform isn’t going to happen this year and tax extenders will (and it will be retroactive).

IRS cites a need for more funding in annual report to Congress – CNBC

The Internal Revenue Service would do a better job with more money to bolster collection and customer service efforts, said the ombudswoman for the nation's tax collector on Thursday in delivering its annual report to Congress.

Additional funding would help make tax collection less frustrating and more efficient, the report said.