Tax Credits or Spending? Labels, but in Congress, Fighting WordsThe New York Times

New York Times Business Article:  The Economy - In a low-income neighborhood in Bozeman, Mont., taxpayers helped pay for the construction of a grocery store, Town and Country Foods. They are doing the same in New Orleans, with federal dollars helping to build new groceries, including a Whole Foods, in an area still suffering after Hurricane Katrina.

Top Republican boots pressure for U.S. tax rewrite - Reuters

A top Republican lawmaker on Thursday stepped up pressure to force action next year on a rewrite of the U.S. tax code, which both major political parties agree has become overly complicated and inefficient.

11 Common Questions About Taxes, AnsweredForbes

You really shouldn’t be embarrassed about not understanding taxes, because really, who does?

Exemptions, filing status and freelance taxes—if any of these have you scratching your head, we can help. We talked to LearnVest Planning Services certified financial planner Samantha Vient for answers to all your (really, not that embarrassing) questions.

Tax Q&A: Do I pay taxes on an IRA rollover?USA Today

With only four weeks to go to file your 2012 tax return, you probably have questions. Whether you prepare your own tax return or pay someone to do it for you, we are here to help. Each day for the next four weeks, members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants have agreed to answer tax questions from USA TODAY readers. Submit your questions to Today's question:

Americans Cut Restaurant Spending as Taxes Bite: EcoPulse - Bloomberg

Restaurants are reeling from their worst three months since 2010, as American diners spooked by higher payroll taxes cut back on eating out.

Sales at casual-dining establishments fell 5.4 percent last month, after declining 0.6 percent in January and 1.6 percent in December, according to the Knapp-Track Index of monthly restaurant sales. This was the first three months of consecutive declines in almost three years, with consumers caught in a “very emotional moment,” said Malcolm Knapp, a New York-based consultant who created the index and has monitored the industry since 1970.