Lauryn Hill pays tax debt ahead of Monday sentencing, attorney says – Reuters

The day before her sentencing on federal tax evasion, Lauryn Hill pays over $900,000 in back taxes and penalties.

 Lauryn Hill Gets Three-Month Sentence for Not Filing Taxes  - BloombergBusinessweek

Grammy-winning singer, Lauryn Hill, was sentenced to three months in prison followed by three months of home confinement for not filing U.S. tax returns.

 Senate passes bill letting states collect taxes for Internet sales; skeptical House awaits - The Washington Post

The Senate voted 69 to 27 Monday to pass a bill that empowers states to collect sales taxes from Internet purchases. Under the bill, states could require out-of-state retailers to collect sales taxes when they sell products over the Internet, in catalogs, and through radio and TV ads. The sales taxes would be sent to the states where a shopper lives.

 Internet sales tax:  What you’ll pay, and when  - CNN

In a vote on Monday, the U.S. Senate passed the Marketplace Fairness Act, which will require all online retailers to collect sales taxes for the states where they ship goods.

The legislation still needs to pass the Republican-controlled House before it can become a law.  White House spokesman Jay Carney has said that President Obama supports the bill.

 NYC Cigarette Tax Fight Hampered by Low Fines – Newsmax

High taxes have emerged as the No. 1 weapon in the war on smoking. The more cigarettes cost, research has shown, the fewer people buy them. That is one of the reasons six states are considering proposals to hike tobacco taxes.