Lionel Messi Accused of Owing $5.3 Million in Back Taxes –

Lionel Messi, considered the greatest soccer player in the world, has reportedly been accused of owing $5.3 million in unpaid income taxes to the Spanish government.

Youth Unemployment Rate Means We’re Screwed: Time To Start Caring – The Inquistr
The generation that paid twice as much to go to school can’t find jobs. The youth unemployment rate is nearly double that of any other group in America. While you might think the young whipper-snappers can hold out a little while longer flipping burgers with their college degree framed over where they sleep in their parents’ basement, you’re wrong. If the youth unemployment rate isn’t solved meaningfully and soon, it could spell economic ruin for all of us.

IRS finalizes ObamaCare tax on tanning beds – The Hill

The Internal Revenue Service issued final regulations Monday implementing the healthcare reform law's tax on indoor tanning.

Avoiding Taxes As A Retiree Isn't So Easy – Forbes

A response to “ How Retirees Pay Zero Taxes.” The article discussed how a hypothetical wealthy retired couple could pay no federal tax by putting their wealth into real estate, municipal bonds and stock index funds. The income earned from these investments was either tax-free or was cancelled out by deductions and exemptions.

Beer taxes: Why six-packs are pricier in some states – CNNMoney

Buy a six-pack of beer in Tennessee and you'll pay 66 cents towards state beer taxes. Yet, right across the border in Missouri, the tax drops to mere pennies.