Offshore Tax-Haven Data Made Public As Companies Brace For Scrutiny – The Huffington Post

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) made public what it calls the most extensive collection of records on offshore accounts in history, encouraging sleuths to ferret out possible tax evasion.

IRS Fires Fewest Agents in Eleven Years – Breitbart

Despite public scrutiny for harassing conservative groups, the IRS has terminated fewer employees for misconduct in 2013 than in any year since 2002.

55 Stars Who’ve Gone Broke – Newser

A list of celebrities who’ve gone broke for tax reasons and more…

ObamaCare’s small-business exchanges aren’t attracting many insurers so far – Hot

Selling ObamaCare to the American public isn’t easy because without an “informed” and willing populace to quickly populate the system, the whole thing is declining in public support.

The Other Complication for Airbnb and the Sharing Economy: Taxes – Time

Tax Reform: It seems as if almost no one involved in the sharing economy knows exactly what taxes they’re supposed to pay, nor when or how to pay them. And for several reasons — the rules are unclear, enforcement is almost nonexistent, and many feel that “sharing” shouldn’t be taxed at all – very few people pay them.