Walmart Could Actually Benefit from Minimum Wage Hike - The Huffington Post

President Barack Obama >wants workers to make more money. Walmart and other low-wage employers also want to make more money.  They could both get what they want if the federal minimum wage goes up.  While there's little research on the effects of a minimum wage hike on company profits in the U.S., some studies suggest that raising the minimum wage during an economic downturn boost sales at companies like Walmart that serve low-income shoppers.

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The United States has the highest corporate taxes in the world.

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This New Jersey taxpayer wanted to make a statement about his homeschooling family funds the public school system.

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The Texas National Guard has refused to accept and process requests from same-sex couples for benefits.

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Higher taxes destroys job creation. The theory is that, as it becomes more expensive to pay for labor, demand will fall and unemployment will increase.