Obamacare Sign-Ups – 3.3 Million – Skew Older, Female– Real Clear Politics

The Obama administration said Wednesday it doesn’t know how many Americans who previously had no health insurance have enrolled under the Affordable Care Act, but newly released government data indicates that 82 percent of nearly 3.3 million enrollees have qualified for tax subsidies or other assistance to gain coverage. >> Read More

Should We Place A Tax on All College Graduates - Forbes

The main argument for a graduate tax comes from its progressivity. Supporters of a graduate tax point out that most college graduates, particularly those from elite universities that use a greater share of resources, are richer than people who have not graduated from college. Thus, using collective state tax dollars to fund college redistributes money upward toward the rich. >> Read More

 Your Best Moves When an Employer Switches 401(k)s – The Street

In any case, a change in provider means you should to a little sleuthing to make sure there have been no glitches in your account and that your new funds are the ones you really want. >> Read More 

Tell the IRS that mountains of DVDs are a stupid way to distribute public records – Boingboing

Quotes from rogue archivist Carl Malamud. >> Read More

4 Surprising Ways Taxes Can Affect Your Credit – Business Insider

Taxes and credit are intertwined.  This article explains the connection. >> Read More