If your return was rejected, please refer to the e-mail that we sent to you.  This e-mail will notify you of the reason using the email address you provided when you prepared your return. There will also be a link after you log in to your eSmart Tax account. Click on E-file Status to display the reason for the rejection.  Please correct the error(s) and resubmit your return.

Common E-file Registration Errors: 

  • Your Self-Select PIN/AGI does not match the IRS's database. You need to enter the exact amount of the AGI of last year's return. If you don't recall what it is, you will need to contact the IRS to verify the exact amount. Please see our FAQs page titled "Signing Your Return" for more information.
  • Last name, birthday and social security number (SSN) do not match for taxpayer, spouse or dependents. If you believe you have entered the correct information, then you will need to contact the IRS to see what they have on file. If their information is incorrect, you can request correction through the Social Security Administration (SSA), then e-file. You can also e-file using the wrong information, and then request a correction through the SSA after your e-file is accepted.
  • Dependent or taxpayer's SSN is already used in another return. For example, a divorced spouse may have claimed a dependent in his/her return already. Although the spouse may or may not be entitled to claim the dependent, your e-file will not be accepted. If you still want to claim the dependent, you need to file by paper and let the IRS sort it out.