Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ About State Returns

Answers to your state tax filing questions.

Can I e-file my state return with eSmart? eSmart Tax supports efiling of full-year resident state tax returns where available. You will start by entering your federal information first, then select the state that you want to efile. I filed my federal return elsewhere. Can I submit a state-only return using eSmart? Yes, eSmart Tax offers state-only tax return preparation and file. Get instructions on our State Only Filing Instructions page. Can I e-file multiple state returns? At this time, eSmart Tax does not support Partial Year or Non-Resident state returns, so you can only submit one state return per federal return. I e-filed my federal and state returns. My federal return was accepted, but my state return was rejected because of an error in my tax statement (W-2, 1099, etc.). I can't make changes to the tax statements to revise my state return. What should I do? For help with this question, please contact: support@esmarttax.com   I selected and prepared a wrong state tax form. How do I revise or choose a different one? Your state tax return is selected based on the information that you entered in the Personal Information section of your tax return. In most cases, this information reflects the state that you are considered a resident in. At this time, eSmart Tax only supports filing full-year resident state tax returns. Filing a nonresident or partial-year state tax return is not currently available in eSmart Tax. I filed my federal return already. Can I create and file just a state return? If you have already submitted your federal return for filing, you can file a state tax return. Please visit our State Only Filing Instruction pages for assistance on how to file a state-only return. Some state tax withholding information was not transferred from my tax statements (e.g., 1099-G). What should I do? Some states require that state withholding be entered in the tax statements section (W-2, W-2G, 1099-R). If your return has already been submitted and accepted, you will need to file an amended state tax return. Unfortunately, eSmart Tax does not support state tax efile amendments at this time. Please contact a Liberty Tax office nearest to you for help filing a state amendment. How do I get an Illinois e-file PIN? Please visit the IL-PIN Inquiry page to obtain a PIN from Illinois. Where can I look for more information about my state? Although states usually follow the IRS system for efile, some have their own unique requirements about forms, information, payment methods and efile signatures. You can read more about these specific state requirements here.