eSmart Tax by Liberty Tax Service

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eSmart Tax, by Liberty Tax Service, is an easy-to-use online tax preparation and filing solution that enables you to file your return quickly and with confidence. Let's take a closer look at how eSmart Tax provides accuracy, satisfaction, and the biggest refund guaranteed. Your return is backed by the tax professionals at Liberty Tax Service.

File Your Tax Return in an Office Near You

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If you decide not to file online, there are over 4,000 Liberty Tax Service locations throughout the US and Canada. Finding the nearest one is as easy as entering your zip code. Ask a Support Representative how you can do your tax return in an office near you.

Choosing the Right Product

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*Prices and products are subject to change

To ensure you get the highest value at the most affordable price, eSmart offers three products to meet your tax needs: Basic provides step-by-step guidance for individuals with simple returns; Deluxe is designed for people with dependents and itemized deductions; and Premium is a great choice for business owners, freelancers, or contractors.

If you're not sure which option is right for you, click the links to learn more, or let the integrated Product Wizard make a recommendation based on your individual tax situation.



Summary of Benefits

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eSmart Tax is Liberty Tax Service's online tax preparation service that offers a convenient, easy-to-use, browser-based tax filing system. eSmart Tax provides an exceptional online tax preparation solution at an affordable value.

A fan favorite among About.com readers, eSmart Tax was voted Best Tax Software in 2011. With the powerhouse team of eSmart Tax's online tax preparation service and Liberty Tax Service's offices, ultimate customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

To learn more about eSmart Tax by Liberty Tax Service, please contact us today.