Washington Dc Form D-40P Instructions

Use the D-40P Payment Voucher to make any payment due on your D-40/D-40EZ return.

  • Do not use this voucher to make estimated tax payments.
  • Enter your name, social security number(SSN) and address. If you are filing a joint return or filing separately on the same return, enter the name and SSN shown first on your return, then enter the name and SSN shown second on your return.
  • Enter the amount of your payment.
  • Make check or money order payable to the DC Treasurer.
  • Make sure your name and address appear on your payment (check or money order).
  • Enter your SSN, the tax period and the form filled D-40 or D-40EZ on your payment.
  • To avoid penalties and interest, pay in full by April 15, 2014.
  • Staple your payment to the D-40P voucher. Do not attach your payment to your D-40 or D-40EZ return.
  • Mail the D-40P with, but not attached to, your D-40 or D-40EZ tax return in the envelope provided in this tax booklet. if you do not have the return envelop, make sure to adress your envelop to:

    Office of tax and revenue
    P.O. Box 96169
    Washington DC 20090-6169.