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Freelancer Guide To Self Employment

  • Filing self-employment tax as a sole proprietor can be complex and confusing even for people who have done it many times. For the newly self-employed, it can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re also dealing with all the stress and long hours that starting your own business often entails.

    Sorting out your taxes can easily slip down your to-do list, particularly if the filing deadline seems comfortingly far away. Unfortunately this can often result in spending the week before the deadline frantically trying to find and organize a year’s worth of receipts and invoices, while working out just which forms you need to complete.

    To help you avoid this scenario, we’ve put together this tax guide for freelancers. Instead of sifting through pages of IRS documentation, it simply and clearly shows you what you need to know.

    This guide shows you how to claim business expenses, invoices, the self-employment taxes you must pay and which forms you need to complete.

    Scroll down to read our straightforward tax guide and see what you need to start doing to submit your taxes.  

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    Freelancer Guide to Self-Employment Taxes Infographic


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