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Consign or Donate: That is the Question

As a father to two small children, I know there is a large cost associated with parenting. I never would have imagined the cost of clothes alone. My son is three years old and grows at a rate of what seems like an inch a week.
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5 Squared Away Tax Tips photo

5 Squared Away Tax Tips

Let’s start by saying Tango Mike for your service. As a veteran myself, I look back so fondly on my years low crawling in mud and running through the desert.
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New Tax Year, New Tax Dates photo

New Tax Year, New Tax Dates

Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all Americans or legal residents are now required to have health insurance or a coverage exemption. Otherwise, you will be subject to an ACA penalty.
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Awesome Mom-Made Halloween Costumes photo

Awesome Mom-Made Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again! What do your kids want to be for Halloween? Do you plan on making their costume or buying one? Store-bought costumes can seem like the easier route, but homemade Hallowee...
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Money Saving Tips for Soldiers photo

Money Saving Tips for Soldiers

On Memorial Day, we honor the soldiers and veterans who have given us the freedoms and liberties we enjoy each day. To show our appreciation, we’re sharing our tips to save money for soldiers and veterans while serving and at home.
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