The first day of summer is exactly one month away. As you break out the flip flops, check out ten cool ways you can either decorate your flip flops or use your flip flops to decorate.

1. Make this flip flop wreath (link)

2. Use ribbon to make these flip flops. (link)


3. Turn your flip flops into planters (link)


4. Use colorful spare buttons to make these. (link)


5. Make a flip flop scrapbook of your summer plans (link)


6. Recycle an old shirt to make this pair of flip flops. (link)


7. Make these flip flop picture holders. (link)


8. Use an old scarf to make these. (link)


9. Turn old flip flops into wall hooks for towels or robes. (link)

10. Turn flip flops into after-shower house slippers. (link)