• Why eSmart Tax?

    Fast, accurate, and the biggest refund guaranteed.
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    Fast and Easy

    It's simple: Answer questions about your life and we do all the right math in all the right places.

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    100% Accurate

    We guarantee accurate calculations, so much that if our math is off and it results in penalties or interest from the IRS, we’ll fully reimburse you for those expenses.

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    Taking care of you is our business. Get the tax experience you deserve.

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    Live Support

    Wherever you are, you're not on your own. We're here to help when you need it.

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    Backed by Liberty Tax

    Expertise and experience runs in the family. Ours has over 4,000 offices nationwide.

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    More Value

    The features you want and the tools that you need. Access your return any time, get audit protection, check for tax breaks, and more.

  • eSmart Tax Guarantees

    We're committed to delivering the highest quality tax experience possible. Our four guarantees are the reason why we're part of the trusted Liberty Tax Service family.

    100% Accuracy

    Our love for numbers meets our perfectionist attitude. Every calculation is guaranteed to be accurate. If a calculation results in interest and penalty fees, we'll pay for it.

    Biggest Refund

    See how your refund really stacks up against the competition. You'll get the biggest refund when you use eSmart Tax or we'll eat the tax preparation fees.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    We believe in offering a tax experience like no other. If your experience does not meet your expectations, we believe in giving you back your tax preparation fees.

    Safe & Secure

    We’re committed to safeguarding the privacy of your personal information and want you to feel safe and protected when filing in our online environment.

  • Check Out These Amazing Features

    Have a question? Need help retrieving a copy of your return? It's always free to ask questions. Our Customer Support team is waiting to hear from you.
    Save time and improve the accuracy of your return by importing your W-2 directly from your employer.
    We review your tax situation for hundreds of credits and deductions to see if you qualify.
    Did you file your taxes with us last year? If so, you have the option to import your personal info, prior-year income and more, all for FREE! Just another way we make doing your taxes easy!

    We have you covered in a whole new way. In case of an audit, we'll help you understand what is being requested from the IRS.

    Learn More Details

    This personalized service—traditionally offered by local CPAs—is available online through eSmart Tax. Find your return easier with handsomely bound copies.
    We’ll safely & securely store your return for 5 years with our Safe Keeping option. Access and print your tax returns when you need them.
    Get valuable protection and big savings when you bundle. Our eSmart Bundle includes our most requested add-ons: Enhanced Audit Assistance, Printed Bound Copies, and Safe-Keeping.

    Get Started for free, and get your biggest refund fast!