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    We understand the health care law and how it impacts you. eSmart Tax is equipped to handle the Health Care Reform-related tax situations that affect income taxes.
    Have a question? Need help retrieving a copy of your return? It's always free to ask questions. Our Customer Support team is waiting to hear from you.
    If you need help outside of our live support hours, you can send an e-mail to support@esmarttax.com. Our Customer Support Team will answer your request within 72 hours.
    Conveniently access your return 24/7 throughout the tax season.
    Save time and improve the accuracy of your return by importing your W-2 directly from your employer.
    We review your tax situation for hundreds of credits and deductions to see if you qualify.
    Trust us to look out for what's important to you. Your family and the care that you provide could be beneficial to your taxes.
    New to eSmart Tax? If you filed anywhere online last year, you could save time and import your return.
    Did you file your taxes with us last year? If so, you have the option to import your personal info, prior-year income and more, all for FREE! Just another way we make doing your taxes easy!
    Prepare your State Tax Return. Select Learn More for the product that is right for you to see pricing.
    Answer simple questions about your life and eSmart Tax will determine what you can itemize and if this way of filing will give you the best tax advantage.
    Health Savings Accounts for individuals covered by high-deductible health plans can offer taxpayers savings. This product supports tax forms related to Health Savings Accounts.
    Report interest and ordinary income covered on your Schedule B.
    Is your business structure a sole proprietorship? Report your business's activity.
    Are you self-employed? Well, we've got you covered! We’ll help you figure out your net earnings and if you owe self-employment tax.
    Accurately calculate the depreciation value of your assets.
    Report common expenses related to your business
    If you work at a home-based business, consider deducting expenses for business use of your home this season.
    We'll help you calculate your income and deductions for your rental real estate.
    Covers Capital Gains and Losses from Schedule D.
    Covers home sale reporting on your Form 1040.
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